Why I am blogging


Hello Friends and Soon-to-be Friends!

I’ve wanted to start a blog since I was teenager…something about music or photography.  Then I wrote a blog about me. That lasted for a day.  Now that I am a mom and stay home with my kids I want to start a blog as an OUTLET.  Something where I can share my interests and aspirations, ideas and crazy things I make.  I want to share about the blessings God has given me and about all the crazy things my kids say and do.  I am an entrepreneur, planner, re-organizer.  I have a daughter who has her own -isms and a toddler who genuinely thinks he’s spider-man.   My littlest one is our Dolly.  My husband is an aspiring musician so I often joke that I am married to a rock-star 🙂 I hope you enjoy hearing about all of my crazy thrift store finds, ideas for re-purposing around the home, blessings from God, about the little people in my life, my newest “business ideas” and how I run my home.  Sometimes I will even make an attempt at being funny…



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