Little Blessings


It’s those little unexpected blessings that make me look up and say,” THANK YOU LORD!”

I notice a lot of little ways in which God blesses me and my family and I want to share them as they come up so that I can continually remember to have a thankful heart, even in the small stuff.  So, as these odd but neat blessings come my way I am going to share them here…it’s more for myself to look back on over time- but you are welcome to read them and maybe be blessed too 🙂

1. VBS apron

I just said at our vbs leaders meeting a week ago that I thought it would be really cool if we could get aprons (like waitresses wear) to use for our Amusement Park themed VBS.  My room is going to be decorated like a carnival so the idea for the aprons was most applicable to me.  After leaving the meeting, I was not all that enthused about how I was going to fulfill all my crazy ideas for my room, but on I went day-dreaming.  I stopped by Goodwill a few days ago (on my husband’s and my 7th wedding anniversary date night to be exact.haha) and lo and behold, as I was looking for curtains, sheets, and pillowcases to re-purpose…WHAT DID I STUMBLE UPON?!?!  A brand spankin new red apron! It was exactly what I was picturing in my mind….AND that’s not all!  It was green-tag 1/2 off week.  What color was the tag? GREEN!!  That never happens to me when I find something I really want.  So, needless to say I was jumping around the store all excited over a red apron.  Like I said, it’s those little unexpected blessings that make me look up and say, “THANK YOU LORD!”

2. Unexpected Dinner

We hosted bible study at our house a couple nights ago…in preparation I was doing a little “extra” cleaning because the house was already picked up, but was in desperate need of a grocery run.  You know, when there’s no bread AND no milk.  Yeah.  Well, it was getting to be 4pm and unlike my usual meal-planning-self I had no plan and no food…I decided to HURRY over to the grocery because friends would be arriving in 2 short hours.  Did I mention I still needed to make a dessert for the evening too?  Well, the Lord had my tiny little situation in His perfect care- just as I was telling my husband about my plight and need for a rushed trip to the store the phone rang.  It was a close friend calling to ask if it would be okay if they could come early for bible study AND bring dinner with them.  WOW! I was blown away…I almost had to pinch myself to see if it was really happening.  I thanked them 20 times over and mentioned that if I wasn’t home when they got to our house just to go ahead and start eating with my husband and kids because I needed to run to the grocery store.  My friend then proceeded to offer me her gallon of milk and full loaf of bread she had just bought! So, needless to say, I didn’t need to run to the store AND I didn’t have to cook dinner!  Like I said, it’s those little unexpected blessings that make me look up and say,” THANK YOU LORD!”

(and I did a happy dance around my house after I got off the phone with my friend!)


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