Cleaning without realizing it…really?




Do you ever feel like you can’t keep up with cleaning? Or you have so much to do when you get around to a particular job around the house?  I have learned from many knowledgeable women over the years some great ideas for cleaning in the milieu (middle of your every day environment)Here are some simple (some seemingly silly) ideas of how to clean as you go through out your day…thus feeling less overwhelmed during your time set aside for cleaning.

1. pick up as you go-

learning to pick up after yourself is something we all teach our kids.  But, do we do it ourselves?  Most of your mess may just be coming from not picking up after yourself and not teaching your kids to do the same.  Examples:

laundry on the floor?  That’s an easy one!  Two things- put your clothes in a hamper as you are taking them off (I can see you saying DUH! but, do you actually do it?)…form that habit and it will save you a lot of trouble.  Teach your kids to do the same!  I tell my daughter, “your maid’s not here today, can you please pick your clothes up and put them in your hamper?”  She’s getting to the point now where she’s putting her clothes in the hamper without me even asking!   The second thing- pick up clothes as you are getting out of bed and drop them in the hamper on your way out the door.  Don’t have a hamper or easy place to put your clothes? MAKE ONE! 🙂

cluttered bathroom counter? brush your hair and then put the brush away- right away!  Teach your kids to wipe the sink after they brush their teeth and put the tooth-brush in the holder.  If you have an easy and organized spot to put these things, it’ll be easier to maintain.

Put your coat (and shoes!)away when you first walk in the door.  I don’t know why, but I think some times we convince ourselves that it would be easy to drop stuff on the floor or on a piece of furniture when actually it’s creating more work in the long run and adding to the mess!

toys all over the living room floor?  Keep your kids toy bins and a place for each toy in THEIR ROOMS.  That way when toys do come out into the living room, it’s less of an explosion and more of an interactive play time.  THEN, take it a step further and teach your kids to bring the toys back to their room.  If you have an easy and organized place for them to put their toys back, it’ll be easier to maintain.

dishes on the table and all over the house?  This one usually happens at the end of the night for us.  We have cups all over and bowls from chips, ice cream and popcorn.  When you get up, take a dish with you!  It only takes a second more!  And before you go to bed, take 1 minute to scout for wandering dishes and set them by the sink.  Even if you don’t take the time to wash all your dishes right then, a full kitchen sink looks cleaner than tables, night-stands, counters and floors full of random dishes!

2. cleaning while you’re living

If you clean while do normal life activities like showering, brushing your teeth, watching tv, giving the kids a bath etc. your duties will seem less burdensome on cleaning day!  Here are some ideas of things I have implement and have learned from others:

Make your bed as you are leaving it.  Even if you have a child to attend to or another reason to hurry out of bed STILL do it.  I’ve heard of people who even out the covers on the bed while still lying in it.   Making my bed habitually was my first step to me having a clean house.

Wash your sinks while using them.  When you are in the bathroom washing your hands it’s very easy to get some water on your hands and rub around the handles, top, inside and sides of the sink.  I do this and never have to clean my sinks at a set aside cleaning time.  So often hair, bits of toothpaste and grime can build up so quickly.  If you are “swiping” the sink each time you wash your hands you will always have a clean sink.  On top of that, wipe it with the hand towel as you are drying your hands for an even cleaner look.

Take dishes with you.  We used to have dinner dishes left on our table and all over the counter for years.   There are two things that have helped me with this.  First, I have taught my kids (when old enough) that they have to clear their spot and help remove dishes before they can leave the kitchen.   The second thing is that I make myself follow the same rule!  If you remove the dishes RIGHT away there’s less time to dwell on not wanting to clean up and it’ll only take a minute!

Fold laundry while watching your favorite tv show.  My husband and I do this and have made a game of seeing how much we can put away in the bedrooms on the commercials.  It’s relaxing and you are getting something done!

Clean the shower while taking one!  You should never have to set aside a special time to clean the shower.  Have a spray bottle of shower cleaner in by your shampoo and spray away and clean while your cleaning your body!  If you use windex, keep that in there too!

That’s it for now!  There are so many other thoughts I have on cleaning, but I want to leave you with one last thing.  Why do we keep our homes clean?  Colossians 3:23-24 says:

Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men,  knowing that from the Lord you will receive the inheritance as your reward. You are serving the Lord Christ.

I have to say that on my own I am NOT a clean person!  I grew up being messy and that continued into my married life.  This Colossians 3 passage transformed my thinking as I began to treasure my home a few years ago…and now, by God’s grace and focusing on “working heartily” in my home AS FOR THE LORD I have found that keeping my home is now a joy and blessing to myself, my family and hopefully to the Lord and any who come to visit!  Remember, when you are keeping your home you are serving the Lord Christ!

I once heard it said that the condition of your house could be a sign of the condition of your heart…how’s your home? How’s your heart?

The first step to a home you can treasure is Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ!  If you have not repented and turned to Him for salvation I would be happy to talk to you about this life-giving truth!  Please email me at with any questions or comments about what I’ve shared 🙂

Humbly in Christ,



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