More cleaning tips to help you work faster



Here are a few more ideas I thought of after writing my last blog post on cleaning without even realizing it…I encourage you to check that one out before reading this one if you haven’t already. Got any ideas of your own? I would love to hear them. Post a comment below of your idea of how you save time and energy cleaning…I would love any more tips I can get!

1. Toilet paper!

After going to the bathroom take a piece of toilet paper and wipe around the back of the seat and on top. It keeps it looking clean and makes less of a mess to clean up on bathroom-cleaning day!

2. Another toilet paper trick!

(Ok, so it’s not a trick but it makes it sound more exciting) Take some toilet paper in your hand (before washing them) and wipe around the corners of the bathroom floor to scoop up hair and other floating pieces of garbage. Do this and your floor will stay looking nice and only need to be swept rarely! Toss the toilet paper away, wash your hands and out you go out of a clean bathroom!


Pick one drawer, cupboard, or closet a day or a week and organize it! Get rid of anything you DON’T NEED. If you like it but you don’t need it- get rid of it! Stop at the dollar store and pick up some cheap buckets, drawer bins, etc and make your areas appealing and easy to maintain. If you do this, cleaning days will become less and less. They won’t go away but you will have less of them because you will be more apt to keep an organized house a clean house! Most of the time mess builds up when we don’t pick up after ourselves. If your drawers, closets and cupboards are organized you will be fast and efficient in putting things back.


If you haven’t yet, check out my other cleaning tips here:


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