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A Thank you to Money Saving Mom from a Very Blessed Mom




I recently read Say Good-Bye to Survival Mode By: Crystal Paine. (Blogger for the famous  I enoyed her book so much that I sent her a letter thanking her for her book and for inspiring me to faithfully care for my family and my home.  I wanted to share my note to her with you all because it gives you a taste of what God is doing in my life.  Although she does not share scripture and biblical application in her book (which is my main criticism), her intention is to be very practical and easy for anyone to apply.  She does make it very evident though that she is a Christian and that God is her ultimate priority.  I do recommend this book and highly encourage you to read it!

Also, I am going to be doing a conference call MONDAY MARCH 10th @  10PM EST on Understanding Time Management and having an organized planning system.  Anyone is welcome to join. Feel free to invite friends! I will share for about 45 min and then we will have 10-15 min of questions and comments. To access the handouts please post your email below and I will add you to the google drive docs. (You will need to print them yourselves)

The details for the conference call are listed below my letter…’s the letter:

Crystal, (or whomever is helping her to filter through emails 🙂

Thank you for your book, your time and your energy put into blessing women with your love for God, family, and living a life that is joyfully rich. Right now my husband and I (and our 3 children) currently live in Louisville, KY while he attends Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. I am in a seminary wive’s class with Mary Mohler (wife of President R. Albert Mohler (acclaimed radio host, author and conference speaker)) about REDEEMING THE TIME! It’s a 6 week class that basically expands on almost everything in your book! In fact, Mary’s co-leader Jodi Ware (wife of seminary professor, author and speaker Bruce Ware) laughed as she handed me your book to borrow because she was so pleased and humored by how much of your book matches up with exactly what they are teaching! God’s timing has been perfect for me to renew my commitment to redeeming the time in my relationship with God, with my husband, children and my priorities/goals. Especially at this season of life, raising children and being away from home, it’s been a blessing to me to really take the time to think through how I want to live my life! And, because (Lord willing) I am going to be a Pastor’s wife, I want to not only learn and implement the truths and practices you have shared in your book BUT I really feel called to share, inspire and encourage other women to follow along with me as we strive to redeem our time and say Good-bye to survival mode. Since I’ve started class and reading your book (which is on their recommended reading list!) I have been SO encouraged….to make a day-planner (which is amazing and no iPhone app could ever replace writing things down!!!), build routine into my day (especially for the sake of the joy of my time with my kids), and ACTUALLY finally do the things I WANT to do instead of just the dot to dot, mundane day to day muddle! And when I say things I want to do I don’t mean the lazy, sit-around and wish I could take a nap and ignore my chores, time-wasters (like watching pointless tv all night after the kids go to bed) that actually don’t make me happy (and STEAL joy and energy) BUT the real things I truly want…the best things…time with God, blessing and helping my husband, caring for my children’s bodies, minds, and souls, creatively and excitedly caring for my home-our haven, and pursuing hospitality…Which ironically truly makes me me happy and joyful and fulfilled. (Unlike the lies of those ridiculous time-wasters!)

Let me give you a little history on why this is all so exciting for me and why I am grinning from ear to ear and doing an internal happy dance just thinking about God’s work in my life right now…

I am NOT the quintessential home-making machine. I wasn’t “born-that-way”. I don’t have the “clean-gene”. I wasn’t raised in an organized home. I don’t love cleaning. In fact, my idea of enjoying life had nothing to do with anything in the home or about the home….So, when I left home and got married my life was full of procrastination, undone lists, ignoring my work and problems, piles of laundry, stacks of papers, restaurant receipts, last minute meals, dishes across the counter, living room and bedrooms. My remedy for all this chaos? Ignore it. leave it. go somewhere so I didn’t have to see it! I thought I had a good excuse for why it was against my “personality”. This summed up my life for the first 3 years of our marriage, and I assumed would sum of the rest of my life because I was “born” that way…always late, double-booking, and constantly walking around with a mental load on my shoulders feeling guilty for what I wasn’t doing but not willing to do anything about it. THEN, I got to the point where I was ready to DO. SOMETHING. ABOUT. IT. The only problem is that I started making lofty and ridiculous goals! (NOT S.M.A.R.T. goals -Specific, measurable, attainable, reasonable, and time-orriented) I would decide that I needed to get my house clean so I’d sit for an hour making this extremely complicated chore chart and then I would only survive one day of it and then my chore chart would fall behind the fridge into eternal dust-land never to be seen again. I continued on this path of making “goals” that had no specificity and really weren’t 100% in line with my main priorities…and again and again I would set up 10 foot walls for myself and then watch my self jump and skid down the side with my fingers aimlessly trying to grip the slippery slope of “my plan s”. It was depressing, more depressing in fact than ignoring my home. Well, thank GOD for godly older women and faithful teaching…because He used some wise women to instill some godly basics in my haphazard life- not judging me, but coming along-side me with the most practical wisdom I have every received! Things like: start by making your bed every day (which was actually pretty monumental for me!), pick 2 days a week that you will carve out for staying home, embrace your season of life (don’t wish for the next and there by missing out and ignoring where God has me!), make a menu and shopping list before you go to the store, DO FIRST THINGS FIRST!!! And as Elizabeth Elliot so wisely put it, “Do the next thing.” I went from being the fun, disorganized, leaving my house every day for any reason, unhappy woman who couldn’t have people over or make a place for my family to feel at ease– to a wife and mom that wanted to finally do what I was called to do! Prioritize my Savior a nd love my home! I went from ignoring jobs to getting them done first and still having time for things I enjoy (and with joy now because now I’m not out doing something else or sitting on Facebook feeling guilty about my life.) It’s been a trail of ups and downs since my home has taken a turn for the good…we’ve moved once a year over the last 10 years (once out of state), so each time I’ve gotten my home organized we’ve picked up and moved again!! But, God is faithful and I’ve learned it’s not about me and I do need to give myself some grace for transitional times!! I also need to remember to not give up. This class I’m in right now and your book have given me a wonderful ZAP to renew my commitments to my ultimate desires, priorities and goals. And I am SO GRATEFUL! It’s been a joy to see God working in my heart to desire to be faithful with what He has given me and where He has me. Right now, I am not called to the next big thing, to be a conference speaker or perfectly execute every second of my day…BUT I am called to be faithful…and I want to be. Thank you for loving me (even though you don’t know me personally!) and investing in my life. Your investment in my heart and the hearts of millions of other women has been a divine appointment with fruitful eternal consequences. Thank you!

To my surprise Crystal herself responded to my email 🙂


AND here’s the conference call info I told you about 500 sentences ago….

Conference call #1: Monday March 10th 10pm/9c Topic: Understanding Time Management and having an organized planning system

Here’s how to join: please promptly join 3 minutes before the start so we start right at 10/9c

Dial–in Number: (712) 432-1212
Meeting ID: 232-633-541
PIN: 4451
Press *6 to mute yourself during the first part of the call and again to un-mute for questions/comments

If you need to miss this call but would like to listen to a recording please let me know and I will give you the number and ID for that after the call.

***reminder: this call is at 10pm for EST and 9pm Central***