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Here’s what I did with my cereal boxes!


Here’s what I did with my two cereal boxes that I wrote about the other day:

Box #1

1. cut the box in half

#2. Take the top 1/2 of the box and cut one inch slits on every corner

#3.  Fold in all four sides, small sides first and then long sides next.

#4. Using packaging tape (mine happens to be leftover Christmas tape), tape the

bottom of the box.  DONE!


#5. What to do with the box…I found a great idea!  My boxes that the baggies come in always falls apart so…

#6. Take baggies out of old crummy box and put them in your “new” box!  When the baggies run out use the box again for

the next baggies you buy.

For the other half of box 1- follow the same instructions except cut out a square on the top for straws to stick out (you will

see what I mean in the ‘AFTER’ picture below)

For your second box, cut a rectangle out of the front of the box.  I used mine for napkins and a place to put my baggie of twisty ties.


Who would’ve thought that not tossing a couple of cereal boxes in the recycle would end up helping me organize a drawer!

Think twice before you throw away or recycle something- maybe there’s a creative idea just waiting to happen!


5 things to make with a pair of newborn baby tights!


Just when you thought baby tights were only to be worn by babies……

Here are some unique ideas for how to re-purpose a cute pair of cotton, stretchy baby tights!

1. a ring

I cut one color strand off the tights and then wound it up, folded it in two and then tight it…I wear it with the tied part showing.

2. a bracelet or hair tie

cut about 2 inches of the tights (on these I cut 8 stripes).  Tie a knot on one end and wallah! Or don’t tie a knot and then use it as a hair tie

3. Barbie hats

I don’t know about you but my daughter’s barbies get really snarly hair.   These cute beanie looking hats are made from the sock part of the tights and are great for my daughter to put on her barbies for playing and also for when she stores them in her Barbie drawer so the hair doesn’t get all mangled.

4. diaper cover/underwear, swim bottoms, baby bloomers

once the “legs” are cut off the tights the seat of the tights can be used for many different things.  My 5-year-old put them on and they fit her great-she could wear them as undies, with a swim-top, for dress-up play or in place of bloomers under a dress.  These tights were newborn, but with the legs cut out they fit up to a size 5! HAHA 🙂  I also think they would work could as a diaper cover for babies who wear cloth diapers.

5. sweat bands

cutting 2-3 inches of material off the leg makes for really cute sweat bands to wear for fun or to the gym!

These pictures show all the different ways I was able to use ONE pair of newborn tights:

So, head on over to the thrift store or into your babies stash of tights and CUT AWAY!

Re-purposing an old t-shirt…what to do with the sleeve?


I was taking a t-shirt the other day and turning into a women’s vest…as I was playing around with scraps, I found that the sleeve had more of a purpose than just garbage!  As a fidgeted around with it I found myself putting it on over my hair- WALAH! A headband 🙂  Now, for me all I did was cut the sleeve off and use it as is, but you could sew the edges, add a bow…the sky is the limit!  P.S. this pic is of my super-fine hair…I bet it would look even cuter in thicker hair!

Cost: $0 (just make sure you ask your husband before you start cutting the sleeves off all his t-shirts!)


  • old t-shirt
  • scissors

ideas for what you could use your “new” headband for:

  • keep your hair back while cleaning
  • working out (great because you can wash it after sweating it up!)
  • washing your face
  • applying make-up
  • at the pool
  • out and about- it’s so cute that you could wear it out with a casual outfit- the the farmer’s market, a play-date, or out for coffee 🙂

Got any other neat ideas for t-shirt sleeve scraps? Send them or pics of you or your daughter in a t-shirt sleeve headband to and I will post them here!

What to do with empty cereal boxes



I was about to recycle these 2 boxes when I decided to pull them back out and RE-PURPOSE them! Stay tuned for what they turn into ( even I don’t know what they are going to be yet!)

My challenge for you today: find something you were going to toss or recycle today and re-purpose it. Submit your pictures and descriptions to and I will post them with mine! Maybe we can see how many creative ways we can use cereal boxes!!

Feel free to cheat and use Pinterest or Google to search for ideas!

Oh dear Pinterest…why do you steal away my time!


I love going on Pinterest.  It’s such a great way to find ideas for crafting, diy, re-purposing, party ideas and so much more…without having to search the ENTIRE internet.  I have to say that Pinterest is probably one of my top 3 all time favorite sites.  If you haven’t joined yet, you are missing out!  It’s super easy, but be careful- it’s like a black hole…once you get sucked in you will never come back 🙂

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