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Re-purposing an old t-shirt…what to do with the sleeve?


I was taking a t-shirt the other day and turning into a women’s vest…as I was playing around with scraps, I found that the sleeve had more of a purpose than just garbage!  As a fidgeted around with it I found myself putting it on over my hair- WALAH! A headband 🙂  Now, for me all I did was cut the sleeve off and use it as is, but you could sew the edges, add a bow…the sky is the limit!  P.S. this pic is of my super-fine hair…I bet it would look even cuter in thicker hair!

Cost: $0 (just make sure you ask your husband before you start cutting the sleeves off all his t-shirts!)


  • old t-shirt
  • scissors

ideas for what you could use your “new” headband for:

  • keep your hair back while cleaning
  • working out (great because you can wash it after sweating it up!)
  • washing your face
  • applying make-up
  • at the pool
  • out and about- it’s so cute that you could wear it out with a casual outfit- the the farmer’s market, a play-date, or out for coffee 🙂

Got any other neat ideas for t-shirt sleeve scraps? Send them or pics of you or your daughter in a t-shirt sleeve headband to sunderhill@live.com and I will post them here!